All About Me

I am a recent college graduate, a small town girl, and a decor enthusiast.  My fiance and I, have three adorable, crazy dogs that keep us busy.We are also in the process of opening a new shop, Eclectic Finds, for all of our unique projects and vintage treasures.  We just bought our first house, an 1891 farm house, and we are working our way through remodeling and decorating our new space.  We are loving the unique features of this gorgeous old place, and also working around the oddities! This blog is a place for me to journal our progress as well as thoughts, ideas, and inspiration on anything from decor to life.  I hope this leaves some inspiration to you all, and leave me a comment if you have any adivce for us!


  1. Sean said,


    I’d appreciate if you can give me some feedback on our site: and our item hanging Eames.

    I realize that you are home decor-modern design connoisseur 🙂 I’d like to hear your opinion/feedback on our products. Also, it’d be swell if you can place our link on your blog.

    Thank you,


  2. Carolina Eclectic said,

    Just wanted to say hi and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I’m glad to find another eclectic lover:)

  3. Nicole said,

    Thanks so much for your note on our blog! loved all your stuff as well!!!!

  4. veronique cota said,


    I am in love with the grey vintage school desk you have on your blog. If you were decided to sell it, i would be happy to buy.
    Please tell me !
    have a great week end.

    • jessimarie33 said,

      If you are talking about the old school desk with the wood top and attacthed wood chair (its actually kind of beige) I can’t sell that one, but we have a very similar one in storage and could sell it if you are interested!

  5. Monique said,

    I saw a picture of your TV room and you have the coolest French vintage poster that says “La Bouillie Soleil”. Can you tell me where you got it? Thanks!

  6. Jeanette said,

    Hey there…a few weeks ago you posted about the budget make over in country living…I have completed my version of it if your interested in checking it out just let me know! Cheers

  7. Jana said,

    just read your site — LOVE IT! There is a glass container by your framed skull painting by your brother (?)…. what is in there? I really like how you mix in the sweetest things with the normal. Very nice.

    • jessimarie33 said,

      That is a bag of hugs! they are little balls that say hug on them. my mom gave them to me. 🙂 and thank you!!

  8. MissMeaghan said,

    So glad I found your blog! I’m also a young professional and on a budget. I just got my first apartment, an adorable little garden apartment with an out-dated kitchen but gorgeous hardwood floors. I JUST moved in and it’s very bare, so I’m always looking for new ideas!!

    • jessimarie33 said,

      Thanks for stopping in! Your apartment sounds so fun! Good luck with it!

  9. Melody said,

    Hi! I came across your page tonight while searching for a lamp that my granny used to have. Anyway, there is a picture of it in your post from December 30, 2008. It’s a lamp with sort of fiber optic threads. Do you still have the lamp or have any information about what company made them or what it is called? My granny died years ago, but that is the one thing I remember from her house and I would love to buy one. Thanks so much!

    • jessimarie33 said,

      Hi! We do still have the lamp hanging in our sun porch! My grandparents always had it hanging in their home. Its called a Rain Lamp, or at least that’s what they always called it. I did some research about it when I inherited it. You use mineral oil in it, which drips down the threads at it warms. It looks like its raining. I have cleaned ours up and got the light working, but it is very noisy when it runs, so we don’t really run it. Just for looks, lol. I have seen a few for sale on ebay and even in antique stores. Good luck! 🙂

  10. Emily Taylor said,

    Mary shared your website with me. Very nicely done. I hope you are well!

    • jessimarie33 said,

      Thank you so much Emily! Now you can all see where I live now! 🙂 Hope you are good! Miss you all!

      • Emily Taylor said,

        The wedding must be days away by now. If I recall it is mid September. Thinking of you and wishing you both the best for many years ahead!

      • jessimarie33 said,

        Thank you Emily! We are at 11 days now! Eeek! Getting so excited! 🙂
        Sent from my U.S. Cellular BlackBerry® smartphone

  11. Emily Taylor said,

    So…. How was the WEDDDING???? I hope all went well and your day was all you dreamed about! Love looking at your site.

    • jessimarie33 said,

      It was great!! I will have to post pics on here soon! 🙂
      Sent from my U.S. Cellular BlackBerry® smartphone

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