Fat Rock!

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Yes, its true!  I’m engaged!  Tony proposed to me last night.  It was so unexpected, and so sweet.  We do not yet have an exact date, but are considering late August in 2010.  I told myself not to get too excited, and to hold off on the planning, but that really isn’t going to happen.  I have already been writing down ideas and scouring the blog world.  We are considering a black and white color scheme, with either dark teal or red accents.  I would also love to do a vintage touch (doesn’t that sound like us!?).  I, of course, will continue to blog on our home and decor ideas and projects, but there might be some random wedding ideas here too!  Fill me in on any ideas!  Here is a picture of the ring.

Its a vintage square diamond turned on an angle.  Pictures don't do it justice- its gorgeous!

Its a vintage square diamond turned on an angle. Pictures don't do it justice- its gorgeous!



  1. uklawgirl said,

    Congratulations! I am in the midst of planning my wedding as well– it’s SO fun but wow there’s so much to do.

    Your ring is gorgeous!! You did a better job of photographing mine, although there was a tutorial online I found helpful:


    I look forward to reading more on your blog 🙂 Congrats again!


  2. Mandy said,

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL RING!!! All of those nights Tony has been working definitely paid off!!!

    I see you got a manicure! I’m totally way over-due for one! We’ll have to go do them when I get back… can’t find any vietnamese nail salons in Mexico! Go figure!

    OH! And the toasting glasses… I’m intrigued! I want to know what the “on” and “off” are for??? Maybe they used to play a song!

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