New Curtains- A Start

April 3, 2009 at 8:36 am (Home Changes and Additions, Projects)

My day off yesterday was productive!  My entire kitchen and dining room have a face lift from one day of work.  What did I do?  I made a few simple curtains.  We have been complaining about these old fruit and strawberry curtains since we moved in (sorry, I forgot to take before pics!  But you can get some glimpses here):




See what I mean?  They were so bad we tried to keep them out of all of our pictures!  But these three windows got a face-lift yesterday.

Just to let you know, I am not a seamstress.  Not even a little bit.  I used “Sewing in a Tube” for all of these curtains.  And, by the way, this wasn’t much easier.  These curtains are by no means perfect!  But, they did give the rooms a more updated and bright feel.

I started with the small window in the kitchen.  I wanted simple, black curtains.  They are now the right length and when we get the cabinets painted they will go great in the room.


Isn’t that so much better?  Black goes well with the shade I did for the door, too.  I am going to make a black top for the shade next, but ran out of fabric.  They were not intended to be tied back, but the material was too stiff to stay in place, so this was a temporary fix. But, we didn’t mind it, so it might stay that way for a while.

Next, I tried some sheers for the big dining window and dining room door.  These were very difficult to do with the sewing glue.  But, they came together and look pretty good now.  The panels in the window are so small because I plan to add another color here.  I am not going to make these! 🙂 I have tried my hand and now I’m done.  The rest will come in a package from a store!  I would also like to paint the curtain rod a cream color to blend better.  But, overall still a big improvement.



What do you think?  Pretty good start!  Wait until you see the light fixture I ordered for this room!  🙂  Stay tuned.


  1. freckles chick said,

    I’m excited to see your house progress!! Let’s be “fixer-upper blogger buddies”, mmkay? =)

    Wish I could sew, but I once gave my Home Ec teacher in the 8th grade a heart attack b/c of my fiasco w/ the sewing machine (let’s just say it involved my finger and the needle–YOWCH). Love the new kitchen curtains and those sheers are fab now even by themselves!

  2. jessimarie33 said,

    Thanks so much! I would love to be blogger buddies! ha 🙂 and yeah, yowza!

  3. Grace@PoeticHome said,

    Great work! That is very impressive, especially for only one day off!

  4. jessimarie33 said,

    Thanks so much! Stay tuned, we are doing the rest of the curtains this week!

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