Thrifted and Rearranged

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We have been busy busy.  It all started with a quick stop at the D.A.V. (Disabled American Veteran’s) thrift store.  I happened upon a cute little vintage typewriter table for $3.95!  I love the metal industrial look, so I couldn’t resist.  It was just a bit dirty and scratched, so we painted her white.  With one more coat and a small black swirl on top (this weekend) this beauty will sit next to the door to the backyard in the dining room.  It is on wheels and easily movable, so it will serve as an outdoor drink table as well.  We have been searching for something to go outdoors while enjoying grilling or the bonfire, and nothing seems pretty but built for the outdoors.  This way we can just bring the little table in when we aren’t out there.  Here she is:




While I was there I also spotted an antique, claw foot, drop leaf table.  Hmmm… We got to thinking.  We have been wanting a bigger table for the dining room and decided to try moving the red table to the kitchen.  After giving the rooms some rearranging we fell in love.  Here’s the kitchen:




It feels so nice and cozy in there now.  We even sat here yesterday morning and had coffee together.  So, after giving the new arrangement a night we decided it was a keeper.  I headed back to the D.A.V. and snatched up the dining table.  We got a great deal, but it does need some work.  I removed some scuffs, but there are scratches.  We are probably going to cover it with a table cloth until we get  some other projects finished and then start stripping and refinishing it.  We are thinking of staining it either a lighter brown to match the maple bar or black like the desk that is still in progress.  I am still hung up on my mis-matched chairs, and am in the process of adding a few different styled ones, so although it doesn’t match perfectly right now it will when we get done!   Bonus:  I found out that the table expands for adding leaves!  Although it didn’t have the originals with it we can make some for it to have big family meals here! 🙂 Here’s the dining room:



Well, what do you think?  Any suggestions or ideas?  Its always a work in progress, but it’s getting there!  Oh, and Romeo the camera hog says hi, too.

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