Save That Money!

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I’m sure you all try to save money, especially if you are a parent! Kids are expensive, am I right?! So I love finding new ways to save and still be able to do the things we want and have the things we need. And I found a new, awesome way!

Kids on 45th! You’ve got kids? You like to keep them clothed but also like to keep your money? Yeah, you need to check them out! 😅

This is a mama-founded company that’s all about helping mamas like you save money (yay!) and time (yes!) on your kiddos’ everyday clothes. They ship “surprise” boxes of gently-used (and some new with tags) clothes to moms around the country for super-low prices (items start at $1.99 and max out at $12.99 for a winter coat!).

They were so kind and generous to gift my boys a box to try. We are definitely going back for more.

My favorite part? That they customized the items to my kiddos. I could specify what we do or do not want and even what types of things or colors my boys like or don’t. We said we like camo and animals. And look what they sent! Spot on!!

They even have a ‘Happiness Policy’! They build a surprise box of clothes tailored to your kiddo’s style, but if there is ever an item you are not in love with, two taps on your device will get you a credit for the item.

I love the low prices. You can get quality kids clothes for cheap! They have sizes newborn to 14/16 clothes, all in excellent condition. Prices start at $1.99 for baby items and max out at $12.99 for big kid jackets! You get free shipping when you spend $65 too. And, there is no subscription needed and no styling fees. You get what you need ans that’s it!

I love that this saves me time along with money! No trip to the mall needed. Two minutes for online shopping was all that I needed. I didn’t have to search and scour at retailers, thrift racks, or pages cans pages online. No coupon hunting. And no gas spent. You don’t even have to get dressed. 🤣

One more plus? This is green! We all want to reuse and reduce are footprint here. This is another way!

So, my verdict? We are Kids on 45th shoppers for life. Truly. We are so tickled about our experience and cannot wait to make more orders!






We were gifted a box of clothes in exchange for a review of the service, but all opinions expreases are our own!

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Vintage Plates

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When I got my first apartment my mom and I found an entire set of unused, gorgeous black dishes for $40 at a resale shop.  I have lovingly used them ever since.  A couple of years ago, during a hurried move, a box broke open and almost all of the salad plates, bowls, and mugs were broken.  Fortunately, all of the dinner plates pulled through.  But, I have been on the hunt for some fun dishes to mix with the black plates ever since.

The other day at a thrift store I ran across a full set of adorable blue, vintage salad plates.  They were .49 each, so for about $4 I added these to my set:

Here are a few shots of a mock place setting, just to see how sweet they looked 🙂

The blue glasses are from a flea market and the black charcoal glasses were given to me by my grandfather and came from Germany.  The candlesticks are a mix of vintage and CB2, and my silverware is all new Oneida.  I really like how it all mixed together.  Although, these photos remind me how I can’t wait to refinish the dining table! What do you think?

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Mid Century Paintings For Sale In Shop

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I went back to the thrift store and those paintings were still there.  AND, they were 1/2 off!  So, I snagged them and cleaned them up a bit.  Now for sale in the shop!  Check them out!

fire pit 009

I think they would look really cute with the new roadside find chair!

fire pit 012

Maybe in a little girl’s mid century room?


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Bad Thrifter

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It’s true, I’m just not a very good thrifter.  I try, I really do.  But I often come home empty handed and disappointed.  First, a cute picture, and then the reasons I’m a bad thrifter- use them as reverse tips! 🙂

Thrift Store

This was the only thing I was interested in after two thrift store stops yesterday.  I am probably the only person who even thinks these are cute.  But, I did think they would be a neat retro touch to a little girl’s room.  I was actually so attracted to them I almost bought them just to save for the day when we might have a little girl’s room.  But, that seemed waay too far away, so I left, once again, empty handed.

The reasons why I am a bad thrifter- things not to do:

1.  I get disappointed and discouraged.  I know very well that thrifting is about enjoying the hunt.  I know very well that I need to relax and enjoy my time going through all of the junk on that dig for the perfect treasure.  But, sometimes I am in a hurry to snatch something up and get upset when I  don’t find anything that strikes me. 

2.  I am not open minded.  I go into thrift store and flea markets with an idea of what I need and what exact items I am on the hunt for.  Once I stop looking I know I will eventually find something like that, but until then I need to have an open mind and keep my eyes peeled for unexpected finds. 

3.  Sometimes I am just not creative.  I see the items only exactly what they were meant for.  I know that so many treasures can be repurposed, but often I forget to look at an item itself, and not its intended use.  More interesting things can be noticed when thinking creatively.

4.  I do not go often enough.  I sometimes feel that on every trip to the store I have to leave with something.  This should definitely not be the case.  This hunt could take multiple trips.  If you stop back often you will eventually happen upon the perfect find.

5.  I forget that value is irrelevant.  I find myself on a hunt for some treasure of great value.  This is rare, and I know it.  I need to remember that I am on a hunt for unique things that I love and want to surround myself with, not things with fancy brand names. 

6.  I need to remember to enjoy myself.  I know perfectly well that this is a hobby.  It probably won’t make me rich or famous, so I need to be doing my thrifting for me.  If I forget about everyone else’s opinions I will enjoy my trips and eventually have unique and personal items. 


Although these are things not to do, they are a good list of things to keep in mind when thrifting.  Now, if only I could take my own advice.  Can you think of any other thrifting tips?

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My New Book

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I finally got my new book in the mail! 

yard progress 012


“The Find,” by Stan Williams.  I was super excited when I heard about the new book.  I order it right away and have been impatiently waiting ever since.  I have had it for about a day and have already read half of it.  Ha. 

The book discusses thrift and vintage finds, and gives tales and examples of inspiration.  So far, I definitely recommend!

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Thrifted and Rearranged

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We have been busy busy.  It all started with a quick stop at the D.A.V. (Disabled American Veteran’s) thrift store.  I happened upon a cute little vintage typewriter table for $3.95!  I love the metal industrial look, so I couldn’t resist.  It was just a bit dirty and scratched, so we painted her white.  With one more coat and a small black swirl on top (this weekend) this beauty will sit next to the door to the backyard in the dining room.  It is on wheels and easily movable, so it will serve as an outdoor drink table as well.  We have been searching for something to go outdoors while enjoying grilling or the bonfire, and nothing seems pretty but built for the outdoors.  This way we can just bring the little table in when we aren’t out there.  Here she is:




While I was there I also spotted an antique, claw foot, drop leaf table.  Hmmm… We got to thinking.  We have been wanting a bigger table for the dining room and decided to try moving the red table to the kitchen.  After giving the rooms some rearranging we fell in love.  Here’s the kitchen:




It feels so nice and cozy in there now.  We even sat here yesterday morning and had coffee together.  So, after giving the new arrangement a night we decided it was a keeper.  I headed back to the D.A.V. and snatched up the dining table.  We got a great deal, but it does need some work.  I removed some scuffs, but there are scratches.  We are probably going to cover it with a table cloth until we get  some other projects finished and then start stripping and refinishing it.  We are thinking of staining it either a lighter brown to match the maple bar or black like the desk that is still in progress.  I am still hung up on my mis-matched chairs, and am in the process of adding a few different styled ones, so although it doesn’t match perfectly right now it will when we get done!   Bonus:  I found out that the table expands for adding leaves!  Although it didn’t have the originals with it we can make some for it to have big family meals here! 🙂 Here’s the dining room:



Well, what do you think?  Any suggestions or ideas?  Its always a work in progress, but it’s getting there!  Oh, and Romeo the camera hog says hi, too.

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A Pop Of Red

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The black and white kitchen gets a pop of color! Red! While at the Salvation Army looking for items for a few projects, I came across the cutest little vintage sauce pan. And, it was red. I couldn’t resist. Now it hangs on the wall in our kitchen. So cute.


The pot wouldn’t hang the other way around, but it worked out ok.  The bottom of the pan is decorated!  It says Vitrex Gourmet and has some funky designs.  With some research I learned that Vitrex Gourmet is a Spanish cookware company.  Very cute, and very durable, too!



The little things truly do amuse me!

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I’m Thrifty

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I’m usually kind of a name brand junkie.  Not proud of it, but I can admit it.  I do give in to cute vintage finds, but I rarely find clothing at a thrift store.  But, I was feeling creative last night when I stopped at the Salvation Army for the little glasses.  I was just creative enough to see the potential in a long, red, vintage jacket.  I snatched it up for three dollars and ended up loving it!  So, here you go, I just had to share!




Go ahead, be honest.  But, I think its cute!

Go ahead, be honest. But, I think its cute!

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