Bamboo For The Home

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My dad brought back from his recent trip to Hawaii a bamboo cutting board for us!  It is not only functional, but really pretty.  The brand, Just Bamboo, says that bamboo is harder than Maple and is a natural antimicrobial. 



This got me thinking about the other ways I have heard of bamboo being used in the home.  Bamboo is now used in flooring, rugs, window coverings, and even sheets and bedding, towels, and other furniture and decor items!  Bamboo is growing in popularity because it replenishes itself much faster that trees.  Here are a few lovely pictures I uncovered while checking out the bamboo wares:

 The bamboo floorings come in a variety of colors and finishes.  I love this dark one!

These cabinets are made of bamboo.

These sheets are made of bamboo.  The bamboo keeps germs away! This set comes from Bed Bath and Beyond- isn’t that color gorgeous!?

In the right room bamboo shades look great.  I had them in my childhood room and loved them!

And who wouldn’t love a soaking tub like this??


  1. Tikimama said,

    Well, I’d loooove a soaking tub…and the free time to soak in it!

    I really like bamboo products, too, but I want to share something we learned the hard way. We installed lovely pale bamboo floors in our last house, which is in the So. California high desert, and no one told us that they are NOT good to use in dry climates. We had splitting almost immediately. They still look nice, but we aren’t living there any longer, so I’ll have no info on the long-term effects. I guess they work great in more humid climates, just wanted to let people know!

  2. jessimarie33 said,

    Thanks for the tip! Fortunately (or unfortunately!) we live where it’s humid, so we wouldn’t need to worry so much!

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