Adorable Little Chair

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Behold the new addition to the shop (or soon to be):

MCM Chair 1

MCM Chair 2

Isn’t he cute??  I’m not sure if I will remodel this little guy or sell as is.  Any suggestions?  I was thinking black paint and new cushion.  But then again, I love the wood and the teal vinyl.  Hmmm…  Let me know if you have any interest in this oh-so-cute MCM chair (refinished or not) and I will keep you all updated on what I do with it!

I did end up leaving the chair as is after a good cleaning, and  a girl immediately fell in love with it and snatched it up! 



  1. vsheaffer said,

    Ohmigoodness! I have no room for another chair myself, but if that vinyl is really as perfect as it looks, I would leave it exactly as is – adorable! xo

  2. jessimarie33 said,

    Isn’t it adorable!? The vinyl is in really great shape. There are two very tiny wear spots. Its the metal legs that aren’t as nice. But, I think I can restore them as well, so I will probably be leaving it just as is. I have thought about keeping it too, but we are accumulating too many chairs! ha

  3. brillante said,

    I love it as it is…

  4. Grace@PoeticHome said,

    I’m in LOVE with this chair. You have the best chair karma. I don’t know if I would do anything else to the chair — the color is darling.

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