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After posting about saving household items on Wednesday I got to thinking about other green tricks and tips for your home. Often these green ideas are not only environmentally friendly, but also easier on the pocketbook. And who couldn’t use that right about now? Here are a few I think would be easy and helpful to start in your home. Now you can be on your way to “going green”!

  1. Unplug electric items when not in use. Items like TVs, coffee pots, and cell phone chargers suck electricity even when not in use.
  2. Use less bottled water. Get a thermos to take with you when you go and get a Britta pitcher to refrigerate tap water for better taste.
  3. Get energy efficient light bulbs as each bulb burns out. Also, use more lamps than overhead lighting, it not only looks better, but saves energy.
  4. Make a rain barrel. These collect rain water to be used later to water plants, or clean your yard items or car. These have a net on top to keep mosquitoes out.
  5. Buy shampoos and other products in the bulk, family sized containers.  Not only are these products cheaper for the amount you get, but you use up less plastic waste.
  6. Hang dry your clothes outside or on a line installed in your laundry area.
  7. Use cloth napkins and towels for cleaning instead of disposable, paper products.
  8. Pull your yard and garden weeds by hand instead of using chemicals.
Tomatoskin's photo "Go Green!!!" on Flickr.

Tomatoskin's photo "Go Green!!!" on Flickr.

Although these are only a few of the many ideas, these are all ideas that are easy enough to get you started in your quest to being more green and saving money.  These are all ideas that we are currently trying, or are going to try this summer.  Any more ideas?

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