Saving a Little Fun Money

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Money is tight, I’m right there with you. But I want to show my kids things and have fun too. Here are a few simple ways that I have found to grow a little bit of a “fun money” fund and set aside to do some family things, or whatever your heart desires!

Ibotta– (referral code irrqbz) This app really is legit. When I shop, just as I normally would for everyday items and necessities, I search the app for deals on things I got. If I I some, I scan my receipt and get money back. They add it to your account and you can cash out via paypal or other gift cards once you hit $20. It’s a little slow, but free money! Sometimes I check the app before I shop to see if there’s a good deal going on for something we use anyway even if it wasn’t on my list, but in general just shop as normal then scan. If you use my code we can help each other as a team to earn bonuses. Score! See below for how much I’ve earned this way!

Ebates– Same idea, but use when shopping online. You start through the app and then search for the store you want to shop at. Money is added up and a check is sent out to you quarterly. I have cashed the checks and they are legit too! See below!

Receipt Hog– This one you just scan any receipts you get into the app. They give you points for each one. Once you add up to so many points you can cash out via PayPal or other methods. Super easy and I scan I receipts I’m already getting, gas, groceries, etc. I’ve made a little cash so far.

My big tip when doing this is to take the cash out directly and immediately add it to an envelope or jar and stash it away. Why? So that it doesn’t get spent on everyday stuff. This helps me to really keep it “extra” money and see it add up. I add money to this envelope that I get from anything extra, maybe selling some clothes or a furniture project I do.

A couple more to possibly try:

Door Dash- I’ve signed up to be a delivery driver just for some pocket cash, and since I’m always out and about anyway, but haven’t found any jobs in my area yet. Keep you posted!

Amazon Product testing- there are several sites you can do this through. But beware that you may eventually add up enough “income” that taxes may need to be filed. I’ve been told that the expenses would outweigh the income, so this may not be an issue. I’ve used PPOC before and made a little cash.

I also sell our clothes and items that we outgrow, especially baby things, through local resale shops or Stuff, Etc.

Good luck saving for something fun! What are you hoping to save up for?!



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Other Green Ideas

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After posting about saving household items on Wednesday I got to thinking about other green tricks and tips for your home. Often these green ideas are not only environmentally friendly, but also easier on the pocketbook. And who couldn’t use that right about now? Here are a few I think would be easy and helpful to start in your home. Now you can be on your way to “going green”!

  1. Unplug electric items when not in use. Items like TVs, coffee pots, and cell phone chargers suck electricity even when not in use.
  2. Use less bottled water. Get a thermos to take with you when you go and get a Britta pitcher to refrigerate tap water for better taste.
  3. Get energy efficient light bulbs as each bulb burns out. Also, use more lamps than overhead lighting, it not only looks better, but saves energy.
  4. Make a rain barrel. These collect rain water to be used later to water plants, or clean your yard items or car. These have a net on top to keep mosquitoes out.
  5. Buy shampoos and other products in the bulk, family sized containers.  Not only are these products cheaper for the amount you get, but you use up less plastic waste.
  6. Hang dry your clothes outside or on a line installed in your laundry area.
  7. Use cloth napkins and towels for cleaning instead of disposable, paper products.
  8. Pull your yard and garden weeds by hand instead of using chemicals.
Tomatoskin's photo "Go Green!!!" on Flickr.

Tomatoskin's photo "Go Green!!!" on Flickr.

Although these are only a few of the many ideas, these are all ideas that are easy enough to get you started in your quest to being more green and saving money.  These are all ideas that we are currently trying, or are going to try this summer.  Any more ideas?

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    Waste Not

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    Last night I stopped at my mom’s house and she was telling me about how my great-grandma used to save everything. She said that it their time people never wasted, and reused everything imaginable. I am pretty much a pack rat and always try to find new uses for old things too, but she had a couple of cool ideas I never thought of.

    One no-brainer that she mentioned my great-grandma did was save her bread bags. She would shake or rinse them out and reuse them as baggies. Really? We use baggies for everything, so why had I never thought of this? You could use them as a cheaper alternative on dog walks, or even to bundle or store the items you normally use a baggy for! So simple, yet so green and effective!

    She also mentioned that they often saved the same bread bags for making rugs. I have seen these in my grandparent’s old house. Here is a picture. Visit her site to see instructions for crocheting the round version here:



    I think these could be really fun and funky. Now I need to learn how to crochet!

    Other things that my great-grandma saved were more common, and things that we already frequently save, but still great reminders nonetheless. Cool-whip containers, coffee cans, other plastic, cardboard, or metal containers. These can be reused in so many different ways in the home. You can even recover or paint them to match! One more thing that she saved was the little plastic eggs her pantyhose came in. I had to laugh. My mom said she had tons of them. Hmm… what would you use those for?

    Especially in hard economic times, but always to be healthier for our planet, its great practice to reuse such commonplace items. What other ideas do you have?

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    New Year’s Resolution

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    Its that time of the year again.  Just like everyone else I start thinking of those new year’s resolutions.  Yes, this is the year, I am going to keep them! 🙂  Here is my list:

    1.  Get back to running every morning before work.

    The Running Free by Ll'sWorld (Flickr)

    The Running Free by Ll'sWorld (Flickr)

    2.  Finish the desk we started months ago.

    My first camera by Sir Cam (Flickr)

    My first camera by Sir Cam (Flickr)

    3.  Be more positive.

    Focus on the bright spot, and your whole world will light up! by Sicilian Italiano (Flickr)

    Focus on the bright spot, and your whole world will light up! by Sicilian Italiano (Flickr)

    4.  Save more money, be more thrifty.

    Money Saving Tips by Mint Software (Flckr)

    Money Saving Tips by Mint Software (Flckr)

    5.  Keep a more creative eye out for the unexpected inspiration.

      How to recycle jeans & Save money by gogreen.savegreen

    How to recycle jeans & Save money by gogreen.savegreen

    6.  Say I love you more.

    "I love you" by g-mikee (Flickr)

    "I love you" by g-mikee (Flickr)

    7. Learn to cook.

    Three girls learn cooking by ~~*♥♥♥Michelle♥♥♥*~~~  (Flickr)

    Three girls learn cooking by ~~*♥♥♥Michelle♥♥♥*~~~ (Flickr)

    8.  Remember to take more before pictures of my projects.

    I'll be a Legend after cleaning this mess by naddl79  (Flickr)

    I'll be a Legend after cleaning this mess by naddl79 (Flickr)

    9. Just like a little kid with a diary, try to post on my new blog every day! 🙂


    my 2007 diary by akaitori  (Flickr)

    my 2007 diary by akaitori (Flickr)

    There you have it.  There’s my list.  They are pretty simple and hopefully that makes them easier to keep! (And cute, fun pictures, too!)

    What are your new year’s resolutions??

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    Penny Pincher

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    Gas prices have been falling. Prices on other consumer products still soar. Around here gas is $1.50 per gallon at most places. But, we can’t seem to afford those crazy groceries (ok, not really, but they are rediculous). I have been reading many ideas for penny pinching and doing with less. My favorite idea has always been ro reuse and repurpose. I love making old things new again. And, this way your home will never look like page 7 from some Pottery Barn Catalog. Not that I don’t like Pottery Barn, but I want things to make a unique whole. I love when the items that make up my home have stories of their own. In doing a little research for money saving in the hard economy, I came accross these posters. A project recently had artsists recreating posters from the Great Depression Era. I not only found the posters cute, but their messages inspiring as well.


    Now, these have cheered me up for the day, but who is going to pay for those student loans hanging over my head?

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