Roadside Find

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On a quick drive to Peoria yesterday to pick up some new lawn chairs I spotted the oddest, cutest little chair on the side of the road in Kewanee.  On my way home it was still there, so I quickly threw it in the back of the truck and sped away! 


fire pit 003

fire pit 004

It’s so ugly right now, but I think there is a lot of cuteness potential under there!  That storage could be very useful too!  Some scrubbing and some new fabric… maybe even some paint?  Mid century lovers should love this one when its finished, so keep your eyes peeled because it will be another shop addition!


  1. Pam Crooker said,

    I came across your blog tonight while looking for unique kitchen island ideas. I have a chair like the one you found on the side of the road, the one with storage. It is a sewing chair. It’s the right height for cabinet style sewing machines and provides storage for mending and notions. I was very excited when I came across mine in a used goods store. I picked mine up for $5.

    I am glad I came across your blog. I hope not to insult you by saying, I think you have an old soul. While reading, I had a picture in my mind that you were a woman in her late fifties. When you finally posted a picture of yourself, I was surprised to see how young you are.

    I’ve enjoyed reading and hope to be able to find this site again.

    Happy treasure hunting,

    • jessimarie33 said,

      Thank so much for stopping in and thanks for the comment, I loved it! 🙂

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