Rain Lamp

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After some research I quickly learned that the lamp I recieved from my grandparents (posted the other day) is called a Rain Lamp. The lamp uses mineral oil and was invented by Darrell H. Johnson. Once I figured out what exactly the lamp did, how to clean it, and what to put in it, I started in on the daunting task of cleaning the mess.

The lamp had sat for years and years in my grandparents’ garage. They got sick of it in their house, but couldn’t completely part with it. Being sticky with oil, the lamp collected a thick layer of dirt and grass being in a garage for so long. So…

I started by wiping the entire lamp off with a wet cloth. It cleaned the dirt, but nothing really removed the grease. I used a small amount of soap next. I also used both wet and dry Q-tips to reach the statue indside. Overall, the cleaning alone took a few hours.

But, after putting some elbow grease into the project, it was ready to hang!  We finished hanging the lamp last night.  The lamp looks good in the space, but everything else in that area is starting to look a bit cluttered.  I will have to do some moving there.  But, check out the lamp!




If you have any suggestions on rearranging so it isn’t so cluttered over there, just let me know!

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