A New Mud Room

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Check out this horrible mud room!

I know it doesn’t show it well, but behind the open back door is a small closet and then a sink. Yuck.

It is an old farm house, so once upon a time the sink had a purpose. Now it was just wasting space. Valuable space. We knew this room could be better utilized. Little did we know, we would, as usual, open a giant can of worms…

We thought we’d tear out the sink and old paneling, paint, add barn doors and call it a day. No.

The walls had to be redone down to the studs. A new false wall had to be added above the closet, since we were taking out the drop ceiling. Then we found that the paneling went behind the flooring. This removal ruined the flooring (not sad about it) and in removing the tile we found we had a rotten spot and needed to even replace subflooring. The house is 1862, but still, whew!

We did make the closet go all the way across the space and Jason built custom barn doors and trim. Gorgeous!

Look what we found under the flooring! Lots of these old papers from the 40s!

But now… she’s about done. (I say about, because we do still have an antique flag we are making a custom frame for to hang about the coat rack, but still, very close)

What do you think?! I think I love it so much that I need to add a chair for company. Come in further and you will see the dining room and hallway that we need to do the same too. 🤣



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Guest Post! { Stark Contrasts: Light & Dark }

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Here is the awesome guest post from Joanna at Arcadian Lighting!! 🙂

Hi y’all! I’m Joanna, a home décor writer from Texas. I write daily for Arcadian Lighting guest posting on blogs such as this one. Arcadian Lighting offers lots of information on light fixtures and lighting trends. I spend my days searching for and discovering some of the most beautiful interior design images and décor ideas on the web and then sharing them with blog readers like you. Thank you to Make Mine Eclectic who’s gracious enough to let me share with you today.

When you think of contrast in terms of light and dark do black and white immediately come to mind? Apparently it does for me since the majority of rooms I’m sharing with you today are variations of light and dark, black and white. I love seeing images of these rooms, I just don’t know if I could live with it every day. What about you?

Light and Dark

The dark wood flooring might be too much in this room were it not balanced with medium shade furnishings and white walls. The clear acrylic table is a nice touch allowing light to filter and brighten the floor.

Light and Dark

Ink black walls contrast heavily with pristine white floors, furnishings and fireplace surround. A small touch of black on the twisted chair legs and modern black table legs offers some balance to the space.

Light and Dark

Boastful black lacquer walls are not for the decorating faint at heart, so try a small bit of black before going all the way. Interestingly the designer kept the molding around the door and around the floor white. I love the bright little wall sconces.

Light and Dark

Purple at the stair rail and red on the steps contrast nicely with oyster walls and concrete floors.

Light and Dark

Lately, I keep running into black and white claw foot tubs—I’ve haven’t found one I didn’t like. The contrast between white porcelain inside a black surround is bold and beautiful. I was going to suggest more lighting fixtures for this large space, but I do believe those are clever wall sconces flanking the mirror.

Light and Dark

A black egg chair and striped sofa pop against a fuchsia rug, a pendant light, and white walls. Contrast can also be found between the modern furnishings and traditional architecture of the room.

Light and Dark

This room offers an eclectic mix of light and dark, old and new, part shabby chic and part men’s club.

Light and Dark

A built in china cabinet gets a boost of personality from a simple addition of black paint in its interior. The black chair makes a nice silhouette against the pristine white paint. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 56 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these contrasting rooms? Visit Arcadian Lighting for more inspirations and a gorgeous selection of lighting fixtures!

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A Rustic Glam Light Fixture

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I love the idea of mixing some glamour with rustic elements.  Maybe this isn’t a new idea, but definitely my style!  I recently came accross this gorgeous room.  Particularly, I loved the light fixture and think this could be an easy, yet stunning project. 


I found this lovely photo on decor8’s blog, originally from housetweaking.com.  What do you think?  I think I might have to give this a try myself!

see it here:  www.housetweaking.com

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A Little Industrial

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One of my big obsessions right now is industrial furniture and decor. I know that some of you are probably thinking industrial seems too cold and uninviting. But, mixed carefully with the warm colors and textures of your home, even industrial items can be cozy! I have been looking for the perfect industrial cabinet for our kitchen. Right now prices seem to be soring for these items on Ebay and other websites, but come auction season, I bet we can snatch one up for a deal!

One website that I found with some very funky items is http://www.ergstore.com. This site has some great inspiration for industrial funiture, but also has some pretty steep prices. Some of the items I am currently loving:

A 1920's-30's doctor's chair.  I know, I love all crazy chairs, but this one would be a real conversation piece!

A 1920's-30's doctor's chair. I know, I love all crazy chairs, but this one would be a real conversation piece!

A 1940's wheeled cart.  This would be great for a kitchen island!

A 1940's wheeled cart. This would be great for a kitchen island!

A 1930's- 1940's theater light. This would repurpose as a great lamp.

A 1930's- 1940's theater light. This would re-purpose as a great lamp.

Another site with some very amazing pieces is Get Back, Inc. at http://www.getbackinc.com. Some of my favorites there are:

A metal and glass medical cart.  So what I am looking for!

A metal and glass medical cart. So what I am looking for!

A metal cabinet.  This would be cute in almost any room.

A metal cabinet. This would be cute in almost any room.

A scissor wall light.  A pair of these would make great bedside lamps.

A scissor wall light. A pair of these would make great bedside lamps.

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Rain Lamp

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After some research I quickly learned that the lamp I recieved from my grandparents (posted the other day) is called a Rain Lamp. The lamp uses mineral oil and was invented by Darrell H. Johnson. Once I figured out what exactly the lamp did, how to clean it, and what to put in it, I started in on the daunting task of cleaning the mess.

The lamp had sat for years and years in my grandparents’ garage. They got sick of it in their house, but couldn’t completely part with it. Being sticky with oil, the lamp collected a thick layer of dirt and grass being in a garage for so long. So…

I started by wiping the entire lamp off with a wet cloth. It cleaned the dirt, but nothing really removed the grease. I used a small amount of soap next. I also used both wet and dry Q-tips to reach the statue indside. Overall, the cleaning alone took a few hours.

But, after putting some elbow grease into the project, it was ready to hang!  We finished hanging the lamp last night.  The lamp looks good in the space, but everything else in that area is starting to look a bit cluttered.  I will have to do some moving there.  But, check out the lamp!




If you have any suggestions on rearranging so it isn’t so cluttered over there, just let me know!

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