Guest/Playroom Update

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We finally have an official guest space in this guest/playroom!!

What is the best way to keep the space usable for playing while also functional for housing guests?! A sleeper sofa, of course!

We found just the one at Slumberland Furniture too!

This one is not only comfy and gorgeous, but is the perfect color to be stylish and playful, and has a hidden bed!! Win!

Plus, Slumberland is having a big Anniverary event right now with a HUGE Travel Giveaway!! When you spend $1000, get 10% off Slumberland Low Prices + 2 complimentary Hotel Nights. When you spend $2000, get 15% off Slumberland Low Prices + 3 complimentary Hotel Nights. And when you spend $3000+, get 20% off Slumberland Low Prices + 4 complimentary Hotel Nights!! Check them out for details!

So what do you think of the room progress?!



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Guest/Play Room Update

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Added a new rug! Small update, but so gorgeous I had to share!

Rug is from Mark and Day, and I LOVE their selection and prices! Highly recommend! AND, you can use that link and save 10% 😍

Wall hangings, shelves and a couch coming soon…

Plus, a total gut of our mudroom in process to share soon! 😉



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Guest/Play Room Transformation

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When we moved in a few years ago the rooms were all boring and ugly…

Then we painted and added some fun flair to make this one a bright teen room…

Then, the teen grew up and moved out, so we had an empty space. 💡 We had an idea! A play room. But also make it a guest room, so that we still have a space for company to sleep…

And so the room became a guest/play room.

Paint again. Tone down those walls. New floors. New furniture. Make it fun, but grown up enough for guests… viola!

We went gray on the walls, but a touch darker than normal since we have lots of sunshine in here. We did snap in wood floor, since they are durable and easy to clean. Then the fun part…

We added a wall mural from PhotoWall! What better way to keep it fun for play and interesting but adult for guests?!

How cool is that?! It was actually super easy to install, just wallpaper in vertical strips, and it even comes with the paste. The boys are in LOVE with their new space!

You can head to PhotoWall too and use code ‘makemineeclectic25’ for 25% off any of their art, canvases, or wallpapers!

Next we will add furniture, so stay tuned…



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Guest Post! { Stark Contrasts: Light & Dark }

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Here is the awesome guest post from Joanna at Arcadian Lighting!! 🙂

Hi y’all! I’m Joanna, a home décor writer from Texas. I write daily for Arcadian Lighting guest posting on blogs such as this one. Arcadian Lighting offers lots of information on light fixtures and lighting trends. I spend my days searching for and discovering some of the most beautiful interior design images and décor ideas on the web and then sharing them with blog readers like you. Thank you to Make Mine Eclectic who’s gracious enough to let me share with you today.

When you think of contrast in terms of light and dark do black and white immediately come to mind? Apparently it does for me since the majority of rooms I’m sharing with you today are variations of light and dark, black and white. I love seeing images of these rooms, I just don’t know if I could live with it every day. What about you?

Light and Dark

The dark wood flooring might be too much in this room were it not balanced with medium shade furnishings and white walls. The clear acrylic table is a nice touch allowing light to filter and brighten the floor.

Light and Dark

Ink black walls contrast heavily with pristine white floors, furnishings and fireplace surround. A small touch of black on the twisted chair legs and modern black table legs offers some balance to the space.

Light and Dark

Boastful black lacquer walls are not for the decorating faint at heart, so try a small bit of black before going all the way. Interestingly the designer kept the molding around the door and around the floor white. I love the bright little wall sconces.

Light and Dark

Purple at the stair rail and red on the steps contrast nicely with oyster walls and concrete floors.

Light and Dark

Lately, I keep running into black and white claw foot tubs—I’ve haven’t found one I didn’t like. The contrast between white porcelain inside a black surround is bold and beautiful. I was going to suggest more lighting fixtures for this large space, but I do believe those are clever wall sconces flanking the mirror.

Light and Dark

A black egg chair and striped sofa pop against a fuchsia rug, a pendant light, and white walls. Contrast can also be found between the modern furnishings and traditional architecture of the room.

Light and Dark

This room offers an eclectic mix of light and dark, old and new, part shabby chic and part men’s club.

Light and Dark

A built in china cabinet gets a boost of personality from a simple addition of black paint in its interior. The black chair makes a nice silhouette against the pristine white paint. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 56 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these contrasting rooms? Visit Arcadian Lighting for more inspirations and a gorgeous selection of lighting fixtures!

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