Some New Year’s Inspiration: 100 Things I Love

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I recently saw a list some one had made of 100 things they loved.  It seemed so inspiring to think about that many things that you enjoy or care about.  So, I tried it.  I thought that it also helped to take a deeper look at your style and personality.  So… here’s my list.  I hope it might help inspire you too…

100 Things I Love:


  1. Black and white photos
  2. Polaroid cameras
  3. Roller coasters
  4. Pepsi
    Spiral Staircase by Martin Haesemeyer (Flickr)

    Spiral Staircase by Martin Haesemeyer (Flickr)


  5. Huge sunglasses
  6. Antiques
  7. Old records
  8. Small collections
  9. Holey jeans
  10. Thick sweaters
  11. Movie nights
  12. Internet shopping
  13. Color coordinating items
  14. Crushed ice
  15. Photo booths
  16. Horses
  17. Beaches
  18. Lists
  19. Thunderstorms
  20. Coconut lotion
  21. Fireworks
  22. Shoes
  23. Moving sidewalks
  24. Sports
    Bathtub and Fireplace by decorology (Flickr)

    Bathtub and Fireplace by decorology (Flickr)


  25. Candles
  26. Typewriters
  27. Outdoor concerts
  28. Bonfires
  29. Wooden boxes
  30. Old picture frames
  31. Ferris wheels
    Dice by kagedfish (Flickr)

    Dice by kagedfish (Flickr)


  32. Ticket stubs
  33. Crowns
  34. Silk sheets
  35. Hot nights
  36. Lazy days
  37. The outdoors
  38. Corndogs
  39. French manicures
  40. Treasure hunts
  41. Auctions
  42. Handwritten cards
  43. Miniatures
  44. Vintage items
  45. Chocolate
  46. Street shops
  47. Motorcycles
  48. Dinner parties
  49. Eyeliner
  50. Sweatpants
  51. Mud
  52. Blank paper
  53. Road trips
  54. Black and white movie
    Candles glowing... by annpar (Flickr)

    Candles glowing... by annpar (Flickr)


  55. High heels
  56. Lilies
  57. Secret passageways
  58. Cubbie holes
  59. Shiny things
  60. Clean clothes
  61. Gum
  62. Fluffy beds
  63. Music
  64. Shiny lipgloss
  65. Claw foot bathtubs
  66. Tire swings
  67. The River
  68. Moc croc
  69. Small towns
  70. Big yards
  71. Hayrack rides
  72. Massages
  73. Inside jokes
  74. Old books
    Sunglasses by sveltkamp  (Flickr)

    Sunglasses by sveltkamp (Flickr)


  75. Dice
  76. Keys
  77. Inspiration boards
  78. Fancy bottles
  79. Layered pillows
  80. Free catalogs
  81. My brother’s art
  82. DIY projects
  83. Wild jewelry
  84. Fireplaces
  85. Confetti                                   
  86. Planners
  87. Mistletoe
  88. Freshly cut grass
  89. Harvest time
    Polaroid Land Camera 1000 by Fallen Angel / Angel...  (Flickr)

    Polaroid Land Camera 1000 by Fallen Angel / Angel... (Flickr)

  90. Sunshine
  91. Fried food
  92. New Year’s Eve
  93. Long eyelashes
  94. Cowboys
  95. Accents
  96. Coffee shops
  97. Sidewalk chalk
  98. Diamonds
  99. Spiral staircases
  100. Clear furniture
  101.  My own house!




Old record player. by MFinChina (Flickr)

Old record player. by MFinChina (Flickr)

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Trends? Psh.

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It is the end of the year and every one starts rounding up the “best ofs”  lists.  I have been seeing a lot of lists of trend that people would either like to see more of or never see again.  The lists made me ponder.  I came to the conclusion that I do not care what is considered “trendy” or “in style”.  I like what I like and could care less what others think.  Actually, I think that I prefer things that were never in style (both clothing and home decor), because then it can never be considered out of style.  Also, if I like something, it is because it speaks to me.  It shouldn’t matter what list it is on.  I change my mind all the time, but not based upon what other people believe is “cool”.  I, personally, never fit into one category anyways, because I mix pieces from all different styles.  There should be no rules when it comes to your own tastes and your own home.  If you truly love it, go for it.

Whew.  With that said, I will step off of my soap box and show you all a visual list of the things that I have loved this year.  Not because they are trends or not, but because that was what was speaking to me this year.  I hope some one can find this inspirational, but in no way am I saying go out there and copy every picture.  (Would that make it a “trend”?)  Here goes:

1. The first thing that I have loved this year is collections.  They can be utilitarian or completely useless. To me, collections can be like art.  Some people think that if objects don’t function, they just sit there taking up space, but I think they can be beautiful.  Here is a group of cameras and a small group of stereos. 


2.  This brings me to my number two- bright colored walls.  I love this blue and I also love a great red accent wall. Some of my fav online finds:

3.  This is a little strange for me, but this year I have love all clear, or acrylic, furniture.  There are so many great pictures, but here is a gllimpse of one that I am wanting:


This one even contrasts well with the cabin decor.


4.  No matter what anyone says, I love love love both empty frames and leaning frames.  I lean frames as opposed to hanging them all the time.  Against a wall, on a desk, on the floor…  Just a couple examples:


5.  I love alll things industrial in the home.  There have been some very good examples recently.  I wish I could do a little bit more of this style in my home.  Some cool pieces:



6.  I am loving repurposed decor and furniture.  I have always been a fan of old, vintage, or antique items, but it more recently has occured to me how great it can be to repurpose some items into new things in the home.  Some of my favrite ideas below:


Mail box used for laundry. Patrick's World of Wonder.


This is a vintage sign remade into a sliding door.  I'm sorry, but I do not find where the image came from!

This is a vintage sign remade into a sliding door. I'm sorry, but I do not find where the image came from!

 7.  I am also a fan of decorating in black and white.  Don’t get me wrong, I love punches of color, but black and white can make a huge statment and go with so many additional colors.  Some great black and white pictures:

I'm not sure where this picture came from, but it is gorgeous!

I'm not sure where this picture came from, but it is gorgeous!



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