Name That Chair

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I know I have posted pictures of this chair before, but I am still wondering. I saw this lonely little chair on the side of the road just waiting for the garbage man about a month ago (yes, the side of the road). I went straight home and begged Tony to go nab it for me. I mean the poor thing is adorable and in desperate need of saving. So, being the amazing and understanding guy Tony is, he drove his truck over to the house where I spied the chair and scooped it up.

When we got it home, we realized there wasn’t a thing wrong with it. It wasn’t broken, stained, or even scratched. It looked as though some one had owned it since it’s original day and finally used it in a garage or shop, as it was a bit dirty. They must have thought it wasn’t new enough looking to clean up. Well, I have news for these people. This chair is amazing. I scrubbed it with my handy dandy Magic Eraser (amazing also by the way!). And, the thing was soon good as new.

We now have the perfect addition to our pocket office. But, we were still wondering what kind of chair this is exactly. It is unmarked, but looks mid-cenury to me. I am no expert, but was guessing 50’s or 60’s. If any of you out there have seen another one of these, or have any info, please let us know!

Even if we never solve the mystery, we now have this truly cute chair all for our own!



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