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We have a question for any of you creative minds out there.  Our dog bowl and food situation is currently in need of fixing.  I am one of those hiders.  Everything should have a place and be kept out of site.  So, this is, of course, driving me nuts. 

Currently, there is a gap between our refrigerator and our stove.  The landlord would like to someday add another cupboard in between, which I can’t argue with because it would also give us more counter space (always good).  But, for the time being, we are using the gap as a space for a mat and the dog’s food and water bowls.  This I don’t mind too much;  the bowls are out of the way and accessible.  The real problem is what to do with the food bag.  We have a little drawer specifically for the dog, which holds his bones, treats, and brushes, etc.  We were buying small bags of food that would fit in the drawer, but they are a waste of money.  Now that we have upgraded to the large bag, we do not know where to keep it. 

Not so funny story:  I thought I would smartly store it behind the door to the basement steps.  Then last night it came crashing down, and what sounded like loud rain was the entire giant bag of dog food pouring down the stairs!

Here is the current situation:



Does anyone out there have a better looking solution?  I can’t wait to get the ugliness hidden!  🙂

Romeo says hi and thanks for any help!



  1. vsheaffer said,

    My mother keeps their dog bowls under the kitchen table (which is against a wall). Could you fit a small table there? It would give you more surface space, and no one would see the dog food bag if it was pushed up against the wall like it is now.

  2. jessimarie33 said,

    We were actually thinking maybe some sort of small table or cabinet type stand with no doors instead of the landlord putting a closed cupboard there. I think that would be a good idea!

  3. vsheaffer said,

    And then you could hide the cord to the stove with canisters or your coffee maker (and it would allow you to make use of that outlet)! By the way, the dog food pouring down the stairs sounds very scary and sad.

  4. jessimarie33 said,

    Yes, I would love to hide the awful cords as well. The landlord is workin on moving some wiring so that the stove can move back against the wall- its currently out in the middle of nowhere- yes, annoying. And, yeah, the dog food incident was scary and sad. More sad for Tony though, because he was the one to find it and clean it up. aw. 😉

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