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My most favorite wedding idea that I have so far is a photobooth at the reception.  I have see this done and it looks like so much fun!  But, renting a photobooth would probably kill our entire budget.  So, I have decided to make my own.  I am going to enlist the handy help of my dad and grandpa in this project, so in order to save them some confusion I made a sketch of what I am imagining.  I am no artist, but here is my idea so far:



I love the idea of guests taking random photos and leavign them for us as a surprise.  Our only real question with this idea is what kind of camera to use.  My fist thought was to use a Polaroid camera.  I am planning on using my Polaroid to photograph guests as they first walk in also.  They can sign these photos to make a unique guest book.  The problem with using the Polaroid for the photobooth is the actual taking of the photos.  Some one would either have to man the station the whole night or you would have to try to do the self-shot, which is rarely good.  I read somewhere that you can set up a digital camera with a cord and button so the people can take their own photos from further away.  Now I seem to be leaning more towards this idea.  Any suggestions?


Image and more how-to info found here:


  1. Mandy said,

    I LOVE the photo-booth idea regardless of the type of camera you use! I’ve been to weddings that there is a backdrop and we just stand there and take a formal picture, but everyone is watching and that’s too much pressure for me 🙂 So with this photo booth we can privately be ourselves when we take a picture!

    I like the Polaroid camera idea because hardly anyone uses them these days! That’s good you’re using it for the guests as they enter! that’s a GREAT idea!

    The cord with the button does exist and it’s really cool! I used it in my photography class in high school and it is pretty cool. I also used it when I worked at JCPenny Portrait Studio. They are very helpful! I would check it out to see how much it costs. Otherwise, if you really want to use your Polaroid camera, you maybe ask people to take shifts to man the camera. I would totally be willing! Or you can have people just ask a friend or family member to take the picture for them… it would be just like when you’re at a wedding and you want a picture with your date… you ask someone else to take your picture for you. I’m sure ANYONE would be happy to do that 🙂

    Just somethings to think about 🙂

  2. Grace@PoeticHome said,

    Oooh, how cute will your wedding be?! I love that you will make a DIY photo booth!! My friends used a Polaroid at their wedding so that guests could put them into the guest book, but a booth would have taken the chicness to a new level. Ditto on what Mandy said about the shifts — I think that perhaps the next person in line could help the couple in front of them to take the photo?

  3. jessimarie33 said,

    I think that is a really great idea you guys! I have so many ideas going that I’m getting very excited!

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