Owls Make A Comeback

January 29, 2009 at 4:34 pm (Tid Bits) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

I recently found a necklace in a box of childhood stuff that I used to use as dress-up jewelry when I was a kid. The necklace is a large owl. It was so weird and interesting when I was little that I had to get the necklace out and do some research. Come to find out, the necklace was very popular in the 70’s. Many designers had versions of the owl pendant necklace, each looking a bit different. The sad part, however, is that my owl is missing it’s feet. The parts are connected with rings, and mine has fallen apart. I have the body, but need to reattach it. Maybe with some more searching I can find his poor missing feet. Here is what mine currently looks like.


I think the necklace is so cool even without the body that I am determined to wear it! Here is a vintage owl with his whole body intact, but in a more silevr color:

A little more research led me to find that these necklaces are regaining popularity, both vintage and reproductions. Etsy has some versions for sale:

Ebay also has many versions for sale:

So, go ahead, jump on this owl bandwagon- again! 🙂


  1. awesomevegan said,

    Owl necklaces are so cute! I want one. Strangely enough owls remind me of one of my cats, Blade. He is a persian and has big eyes when he is interested in something. He looks like an owl! 🙂

  2. bannee91 said,

    The owl necklace that you originally had, do you remember where you got it or what brand it is? That is almost the same as the one that I have (mine has yellow/gold eyes) and I cannot find any information about it.

  3. Erin Henley said,

    I have been looking for owl necklaces for years but havent found the perfect one….until now!!! I need this owl necklace!!! How can I get it?!

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