Mini Bar Update

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We have had the old TV armoire we found on Craigslist home for a couple of weeks now. I haven’t posted about it because we are having a change of heart. We had wanted to strip the wood and stain it black. But, when we got the cabinet home we thought it was so gorgeous we couldn’t bear to do that! I thought that going black and adding some shiny handles and mirrors would add some Hollywood Regency to the cabinet, more suiting it to become a mini bar. I just don’t know if we can bring ourselves to touch the beautiful wood. We did add a stemware rack to the top and filled it with our lovely bar glasses and goods. It is really gorgeous in our dining room, and it has already served it’s purpose. We do still plan on adding another shelf in glass and also a pull out shelf for more mixing and pouring space.

What do you think? Should we restain the cabinet black or leave it as it is?


You can't see it here because there is no stemware in it, but there is a clear stemware rack on the right side.

You can't see it here because there is no stemware in it, but there is a clear stemware rack on the right side.

We really do need your advice, opinions and ideas!!


  1. biba said,

    I’d love to have a mini bar! I like wood finishes but think this would look cool in black, go with your gut feeling πŸ™‚

  2. Grace@PoeticHome said,

    Hmmm…that is quite the dilemma! I never know what to do about painting wood. Yours in particular is quite beautiful, so I wonder if simply upgrading the knobs could make the look more in line what you had envisioned. I do love that you turned it into a fabulous bar that cleans up perfectly!

  3. jessimarie33 said,

    Thanks everybody! I will keep you all posted on how we change the mini bar and post more picture when the project is “finished”!

  4. vsheaffer said,

    I vote for paint!! Painting it will actually bring out the details in this piece – the legs especially. I can totally see this in white or even a charcoal grey with a pair of outrageous retro brass cabinet pulls – super Hollywood Regency. I don’t know what other colors you have in this room, but I personally would lean towards a color, unless you need some black to ground the room.

    I can’t wait to see it!


  5. ikh said,

    At the very least, swapping out the knobs for something more exciting would probably be a good idea. Good luck πŸ™‚

  6. jessimarie33 said,

    We plan on changing the handles, but I might have only mentioned that in the earlier post about the mini bar. We just haven’t happened on the perfect ones yet. Check out all of the progress on the mini bar in the more recent post!

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