One More Sneak Peak- Countertops

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So, I guess I should have, but I didn’t plan for the unexpected road blocks when finishing the kitchen.  Like, accidentally buying a couple too few hinges!  It is done, but not picture ready.  So I have one more sneak peak for you until then.  Here is the sample card for the counter-tops we are getting.  I originally wanted pure black, but there is no standard laminate in pure black.  I picked black because it was to look like slate.  Laminate is, unfortunately, what we can afford right now.  So, this was the most black laminate we could get.  It is probably going to look like marble.  This may be great to some, but I am concerned it is too far from my original vision.  Will it look to country?  It does tie in the browns from the floor and the white from the cabinets.  It will take about two weeks to get them in since they are extra long… so please, ease my mind until then!  No, really, give me your true opinions!



  1. nj countertops said,

    That color looks similar to uba tuba in granite

  2. Tikimama said,

    Looks more like granite to me, too. That’s a very popular look now, and it seems to go well with what you’ve already got, so I think you’ll be happy with it, at least for the time being! Show us photos as soon as you can!

  3. jessimarie33 said,

    Thanks for the info you guys! I did a bit of research and looked at pictures of the marble. I think it actually made me feel better about what we got! The marbles I found were more green tinted. I like that ours stays with the tans. 🙂 Feeling better already!

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