Vintage Cuteness

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The past weekend my dad and his wife brought us a little vintage present. They had been cleaning and we about to get rid of this find when they realized Tony and I would probably love it. Which we did! What they found was a set of eight drink glasses and a party dish in a carrier. The glasses have gold leaves on them. So neat!



Isn’t this great!? It was just sitting down there in their basement! This will be great for our next party.

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New Little Project

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I love finding odds and ends to fix up, remodel, or work on that I can then add to our home.  These little projetcs are fun for me and keep me busy.  This new task is a stool from my grandmother.  Its not new, not antique, not anything special really.  I almost truned it down.  But, she said that it opened up.  That caught my interest.  Then, she suggested that maybe I could keep some interesting photos in it.  BINGO!  I snatched it up in a hurry.  I love a bit of unexpected, and her idea of putting snapshots in the stool was perfect.  I plan to recover the top with some funky material.  I’m not sure if I will paint it yet.  Then I will add some old, random photos to the inside for company to explore.  Cute!  Any suggestions on print or paint?  Let me know what you think! 


So much potential...

So much potential...


Vintage photos tucked away in here would be perfect!

Vintage photos tucked away in here would be perfect!

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