Some Gardening

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Last night I picked up a few inexpensive black, square pots for a few flowers for our porch.  I think they (although small) brightened up the front porch and made it at least look like someone lives there!  We also hung a strawberry plant in the corner, where it can get a lot of sun.  (Again, sorry for the dark, rainy pictures!)





It’s at least a start.  So, while I was out there I started pulling a few “weeds” from the rocks around the porch.  By the way, I am puzzled as to why the last owner planted three big, beautiful, green plants on one side of the steps, but none on the other.  So, if you are wondering, don’t ask me!  So, as I was pulling this “weed” from between all of the rocks (it looked like misplaced grass) I noticed it was growing from bulbs!  Grass doesn’t grow from bulbs, does it?  We are curious as to what it is, and maybe whether or not we should be pulling it!?  Here is a picture of what I pulled up, so if you have any info I’m all ears!


Let me know what you think!  And, just for run, here is a picture of the pretty yellow flowers growing in the back yard!



  1. EconGrrl said,

    That bulbing ‘grass’ looking like onions to me, or at least something in the onion family, like shallots. What do they smell like? I know it’s not leeks, anyway. I would break off about an inch of one of the lanes, wash it, and chew it up- you’ll know if it’s an onion, then.

    Those pretty yellow flowers in the back are daffodils. They are a great (& easy, I think) early spring flower.

  2. jessimarie33 said,

    Thanks for the info! I did some research, and we think they might be a kind of wild onion. They do look like onions, but do not smell like it at all! Either way, they are staying out of my rocks! 🙂

  3. Jaci said,

    Found this link via the Apartment Therapy stool re-do project – looks awesome! Just wanted to say, be careful about those bulbs…was just doing research on them myself. If they look like onions but don’t smell like them, they could be one of the poisonous wild onion lookalikes.

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