Mason Chair

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Tony knows me well.  The other day he sent me a message and said he had a surprise for me that I was really going to love.  Aw. Yup, he was right.  He pulled in the driveway with a chair in the back of his truck!  Tony is in the Masonic Lodge and they are updating and selling off some of their old chairs.  So, he nabbed one.  He picked the oldest (see, he does know me well!).  It even has straps underneath holding old straw stuffing in! 

mason chair and AT stuff 005

mason chair and AT stuff 006

The leather seat is in bad shape, so we plan to refurbish it.  I would love to find some old, worn looking leather for the replacement (if you know where I can accomplish this please let me know!).  We would really like to keep the nostalgia of the chair, so are trying to keep it similar to its original look.  Currently Tony has set up camp for the new chair at the head of the table 🙂

mason chair and AT stuff 007

Now, where to find pre-worn leather pieces!??

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