Yellow Chair Love

January 4, 2016 at 11:54 am (Inspiration) (, , , , , , , , , )

Maybe it’s because yellow is so pretty. Or maybe it’s because I am already itching for spring. Either way, I am loving these bits of yellow…

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Home Offices

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I have been pining away at lots of beautiful home offices lately.  There’s a reason… I finally got a job in Iowa! Not only am I completely stoked to be officially living in Iowa full-time, but also, this job allows me to do a lot of my work from home! 😀

This is the perfect set up for me.  It will allow me more spare time to get projects done, and we also have the office space set up for me to do it!  But, currently our bright red and semi-cramped office space is needing a major spruce.  So, enter blogland inspiration. 

Some photos of offices out there are gorgeous.  However, social work doesn’t allow me to be glamorous or clutter my work space with pretties.  That leaves me fewer options.  I need a functional space that I also feel comfortable and like myself in.  Plus, we are hoping to leave the futon on the other side of the room and use the space someday for a partial play-room as well.  Oh, and did I mention that I can’t change much as far as items because I am working with a non-existent budged!? Let’s see if I can pull this off…

Here are some faves for you all!

I love the bookcases in this photo.  It utilizes the space well, which is what I really need to do!

This office also has great shelving for storage, while also remaining a bit feminine and glam.  I need an office that can work for me from everything from my personal business, to kids and family projects, to social work moments.

I also like having my desk in the middle of the room or at least facing outwards instead of towards a wall.  It helps if I need to meet with clients.  Here is another one like that.


I’m not a huge fan of green walls, but I love the black frames in this office.

This office has been my dream office for years now and was the inspiration for the office in my last house being light blue.  This one might end up light blue as well, with the addition of the red items. Again with the black frames!

Another blue office.  Reminds me of mine with the couch.  Something so sweet about this one!

This one is so sweet and has that touch of glam I’d love.


Well?  What do you all think?  I’d love suggestions for my new home office!

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Our Engagement Party!

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We finally had it!  It’s all over, even the cleaning up!  It all went great, and we also wanted to thank everybody for coming and for the great gifts and cards!  And, I have a few pictures to share!

engagment party 003

The above is the general view of the backyard before the party.  The picture doesn’t really do it justice.  It was really nice, relaxing, and cozy.  It was impressive for those who had seen our backyard a few months ago when we moved in!

engagment party 004

engagment party 005

engagment party 006

engagment party 007

The above is the table before all of the food.  The vintage table clothe came from Fred and Ethels.  The vintage letters are always hanging in our bedroom, and of course we had to have a big diamond!  Isn’t that silverware bucket cute?  My mom found us that.  We also had some big dice (of course!) on the other end.

engagment party 008

There were antique Ball jars scattered on the table tops and even in the grass that held candles for lighting up the night.

engagment party 010

engagment party 011

engagment party 009

engagment party 012

I love all of the paper lanterns.  These were so easy, they had batteries!  And, they were only a couple of dollars at the dollar store!  They set a nice mood.

engagment party 013

engagment party 023

engagment party 025

And at night everything glowed! 

I hope some of these simple, but fun ideas help you with your next party.  I loved them so much that I will use some of them for our casual BBQs and bonfires!

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