The Landing Strip

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A landing strip, a command center, the drop spot. No matter what you call it, every house should have one. It’s a place for all the family “stuff”.

I call it a landing strip. In this house we actually have it split up a little, but it’s whatever works for you! When you come in our backdoor, we have hooks for each family member. Bag and coat go there. There’s a little hook station for car keys. And we have a small rack holding bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, wireless speaker, etc. But there’s still other “stuff” that accumulates. What do you do with it?! Enter our landing strip.

He we have a stash spot for everything else so that we stay organized and don’t lose important things! We use the chalk board for calendar notes and grocery lists. And each of the boys and mom and dad have a basket. We put bills in ours. The boys put homework and such in theirs. I keep a pen jar on the shelf. Here is stash stamps, a candle lighter, a marker, and pens. If you need more than that they you have to go upstairs to the office. 😆

The antique mirror got a metal insert painted with chalk paint. The little chalk marker tray below it is an antique door stop out of an old barn. The baskets are from Hobby Lobby. The shelf is a custom design I requested from Jason. He added and welded the flourish at the top of the brackets.

Here’s my tid bit of advice. Have a place for the “stuff”, whatever you may call it. I truly believe in “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Even if you don’t organize that far, at least set up a zone with a calendar and pens and notepad. Have a spot where you put mail and homework. Always put your keys in the same location. I promise you that these tricks will prevent you from losing important things or searching frantically for the lost items!

And just for fun, here’s a shot of what it looks like more often than not. 😉

Anything else you would add?



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Our Little Collection

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A close up view of our little collection.

A close up view of our little collection.

When I was little my grandma gave me a little antique die.  She gave my brother the other to the pair.  To this day I still have it (how I never lost such a tiny thing is amazing).  Tony and I decided that we could start a dice collection.  We are so random sometimes.  We bought an antique printer’s tray and hung it on the wall.  Now, wherever we travel to, we stop to look for dice to add to the collection.  We even got one at the casino when we recently went for my birthday.  Some of them did come from ebay to get the collection rolling.  Here is what we have so far!  (This is hung in the kitchen next to the window)
Side view of the printer's type tray and collection of dice.

Side view of the printer's type tray and collection of dice.

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