Our Christmas Style

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Yes, it’s a little late, but I thought that I would share our Christmas decor with you.  Inspiration is good anytime, right? 

So, here are a few of our first tree together! (we did eventually find the perfect green skirt! ) We went with a bit of a “camo” theme with colors this year.  That was my nod to Jeremy.  We used golds and greens and bronzes on the tree.  My photos don’t seem to do it justice, but it was really pretty. 

See the antler ornaments? Shimmery pinecones helped add sparkle too!

Our rustic bronze star was really pretty too. 

Camo snowmen…

My “dance in the snow” pillow…

In the dining room we displayed my grandparents’ jewelry tree.  Grandpa made this out of Grandma’s old jewelry. 

Here is a close up of the sparkle, as this may be the last year for this tree.  I might be using the jewelry for another very special project.  Might, as in I have not made up my mind to tear down this beauty. Hmmm…

The two of us spent our night alone together quietly, so here’s a peak of our simple blue table.

It was basic but cute, and also easy.

And, although there was no snow on Christmas in Iowa, I took these a bit before hand of the first snow at our new house.  Come to think of it, I don’t think I have shared a view of the outside of our home, so here is the front…

The side…

And a view towards our barns…

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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Icy Chair Love

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I thought that this chair was quite appropraite for this week!

"Ice Chair X Pro," by JDT0505 on Flickr

"Chair," by dmacks_87 on Flickr

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It’s that time of year again! Snow! Yesterday was a snow day for me.  The office was closed, so I was paid to stay home, wrap Christmas presents, watch White Christmas, and drink hot chocolate!  Well, I did some boring chores, too.  Today it’s back to work, and it is freeezing outside!  Here is a quick snapshot of my new snow boots to keep me warm and dry when visiting clients, and one of my drive to see a client today.  Those country roads can be soo pretty (and annoyingly slippery!)


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Winter Wonderland

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Today is another snowy day here in Illinois.  Thick sheets of ice have kept me at home again today.  The house is cozy and warm, watching Christmas movies, but outside snow continues to fall.  The dog and I went out to play in the snow for a bit, before getting back to some work.  Here are some quick pictures of our snowy day.  For those of you in warm areas, enjoy only having to look at these pictures!


Our snowy back yard.

Our snowy back yard.

You can see the snow still falling down.

You can see the snow still falling down.

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Let It Snow, Let It Snow

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Romeo wanted to go out and play in the fluff, but I was just to cold.  It was only about 7 degrees out.

Romeo wanted to go out and play in the fluff, but I was just to cold. It was only about 7 degrees out.

I left work early today due to the immense amounts of snow we are getting here. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing chores, drinking hot cocoa, and finishing up that cute little stool. When I opened the door to let the dog out, whoa, snow blew in everywhere, and I was so glad to be cuddled up inside instead of making the long commute home in the dark. I know these photos are dark (it was dark out!), but the snow was really pretty, as long as you weren’t driving in it.

Peeking out our back door at the snow. 
I think we had a few inches at this point.  It kept snowing for a few more hours.

I think we had a few inches at this point. It kept snowing for a few more hours.

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