Kitchen Curtains

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I don’t sew.  I wish I could, but I am just not good at it.  I hope to start practicing and at least be able to make a basic straight line someday, but for now, I don’t sew.  So, when I am on the hunt for new curtains and all of the pretty options are out of my price range, what do I do?  I get out the iron and the hem tape and I “fake glue” myself a pair.

Remember these kitchen curtains?

The valances above the windows were here when we moved in.  They were fine.  Actually, they were god quality and in good shape.  Just not our favorite color choices.  The curtain on the door was brought from my old house.  I used it to cover the window temporarily, until we could figure out what we wanted in here.  Now the floral curtain is on the door window just beyond that, which leads outside.  After all these months of looking at these mismatched curtains, I finally wanted to get busy.  I knew I wanted something more neutral, as we plan to paint in the near future.  I liked the shape of the valances, and I didn’t mind the deep red roller shade (for now?).  Then I happened upon the perfect twist of fun stripes and neutral colors…

Ticking fabric.  A little rustic and old school, yet funky and fresh as curtains.  The cream/tan combo will go well with the new colors to come.  And I tied the faux roller shade with twine.

And I did all of it with iron on hem tape, even the tab tops! What do you think??

More projects to come 🙂

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New Old Shade

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Its official. I am sick of our curtains. All of them. Every room. I knew they were bad from the day we moved in, but now I am at my breaking point. So, on my day off yesterday I did some work and started plunging into our curtain situation.

I thought I would start off small. There was no shade over the large window in our kitchen door. Our neighbors could see right in! I decided to take the old white roller shade from the dining room door (since it also has a curtain) and refinish it to go in the kitchen. I wanted to stick with the black and white theme. I used some swirly scrap-book stencils I had and a paint pen ($3 at Wal-Mart). I laid the stencils out where I liked them, traced, and colored in. Now, viola!



What a simple , inexpensive project with such great results! This weekend I plan to get some black material and sew a valance at the top, as well as simple black curtains to replace the strawberry ones in the kitchen window. Then on to the rest of the house…

P.S. Yes, there is a cute in the shade. The landlord has mis-cut part of the shade. I didn’t want to try out my new paint idea on a new shade and ruin it. We like it well enough that I will soon go through the time and effort to reproduce this on a new shade!

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